How to Fix a Broken 2005-2007 Ford Focus Air Vent with Clips

When you pop out the rightmost vent to paint it (2005-2007), there is a good chance that the bottom two clips that hold the trim to the dash are going to break off due to the cheaper plastics Ford started using. Because of this, when you pop your vent back in, it will be attached on the top, but the bottom will move around and come out of the dash like it’s on a hinge.

I came up with a fix for this if you run into this issue, once again proving my theory that duct tape can fix most any problem.


When the entire vent assembly is out of the dash, take a look at the bottom of the assembly and follow these instructions, created brilliantly in MS Paint:


These 3 protrusions side through the notches in the dash,but do not hold the vent securely in place.They actually attach the vent trim to the vent assembly and are unrelated to the dash.

Reinforce these three clips with duct tape.This will make them thicker and soft,so you have to push the bottom of the vent into the dash with some force.The duct tape will be thick enough to grab he notches in the dash and thus the vent will stay in place.Once the vent is in place,it won’t budge,and the tape is invisible.

Use about 6-7 layers of duct tape. Any amount is fine as long as it doesn’t come out from behind the vent trim. I did this trick with my dash and my vent has been securely in place ever since. Probably more securely than it was with those cheap ass clips.

Hope this helps someone out!


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Author: wwwforddiycom