How to:Focus Atx to Mtx Shift Knob/Boot Mod

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Imodded that typical Saleen shift knob to my auto shifter, found a regular zx3 shift boot and made my atx into mtx….sort of,lol.
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now im about to show how it can be done with ANY shift knob, not just some knobs some say can fit perfectly with some fittings(like that expensive $100 Mono automatic shift knob). i’m show u that you too can be like me.

I was fortunate enough to come across this idea on how to make practically most knobs fit for ur automatic focus. now with this mod will need:

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*universal shift boot u can get a shift boot at any stores that sells them or online, whichever you prefer.
*3-4 inches of some sort of tube to stick in the shaft of the shifter withThis is crucial cause in order for the shift knob to work, it needs to press the shifter button inside the shaft. so this can range any where from a pen to the spare antenna i had laying around in my garage. whatever it is, it must fit within the hole, move around and be about 3″ to 4″
*Hex key set u can find this at any store really (walmart, home depot, any auto parts store, etc.)
*and the most important piece, THE SHIFT i know i said any shift knob can work but with 2 exceptions:
*it must fit over the shaft of the shifter
*and must have some room at the bottom to attach the boot onto like this knob:

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you can see that it the bottom of it is dented in to allow the top part of the boot to sit in.

Remove the automatic shifter with a hex key. the bolt is going to be on the left side of the shifter. the size is #2.

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Next, get your screwdriver and take out the three bolts holding down your center console

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Get the shift boot. mostuniversal shift boots comes with a draw string to tighten the top part of boot with or some elastic band that automatically adjusts, if yours happen to come with a zip tie then don’t adjust it yet.

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Step 2:
get the shift knob, the tube (or whatever it is you found) and stick the tube inside the shifter. Then stick the knob over it. get on the driver seat and put in ur keys and turn on ur car to the acc position, you do not need to start your car for this. then move the around the gear lever, get a feel for it and see how its moving. if it free flowing, as in if its not getting stuck after u stick into position or after you shift it into park then it will it work. then turn off the car and process to step 3.

Step 3:
So this is one of the crucial parts for the whole mod. get your knob out, get your boot and tie the top end of it tightly on the end of the knob. I said tightly cause the tighter it is, the more “in-place” the knob will be in. the base of the boot, when held down by the placement of the console and the gear letter placement is what going to keep the knob stabilized and not to fall off.

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Step 4:
Yet another crucial part of the mod, raise the center console up a little bit to fit in the shift boot over the base. make sure the boot covers it and sit ur knob over the shaft. make sure ur car is in park. also make sure there’s a good amount of slack with the boot, especially when it’s in park.

base: (do not remove it like i did)

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Step 5:
get in the driver seat if u aren’t, turn the key to acc. (accessories), push ur foot on the brake and move the knob. make sure the gear selector locks in the appropriate gear selections. when you move the selector it should not move out of park or when its in drive/ neutral position on its on after the knob has been pressed down.

look at my guide to get an idea.
park[locks in place/press knob to move]
reverse[press knob to move]
neutral[can move in between w/o pressing in the knob]
drive [same as above]
2nd[must press to get to gear]
1st[must press to get to gear]
after making sure that the knob/boot combo does fit in properly, then your all done. Clean up and enjoy ur new driving experience

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*the combo that i used was a zx3 manual boot, with a saleenshift knob.
**in order for that particular combo to fit, i had to do a bit more modding to make the boot fit properly w/ some slack. if you like more info on that, shoot me a pm. if there’s enough replies, ill add more directions on how to make that work.

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