Ford Focus: Resealing & Waterproofing Clear Tail Lights

Ford Focus Resealing & Waterproofing Clear Tail Lights (2)

This post show a guide on how to resealing and waterproofing clear tall lights.


What You Need?

1.Towels and Cleaner (windex will work)
2.Rubbing Alcohol
3.Clear silicone sealant, preferably with a narrow tip.
4.2 small wooden scrapers (small enough to fit into the crevice of the enclosure)
5.Clamps, just something to hold the cover onto the enclosure long enough for the silicone to dry. I used rubber bands.



Step 1
Pre: Have 2 Towels laid out for the taillights for when you remove them as not to scratch them up. Mine where able to stand on its own threaded rods.

Open your trunk or hatch. And locate the 3 thumb screws that hold the taillights on.

2018.09.02 Ford Focus Resealing & Waterproofing Clear Tail Lights

Step 2
Pull the taillight off slowly as not to yank on the bulb wiring connections. Try not to give it any reason to break. (nice rule of thumb)
Step 3
Have a seat and get comfortable.
Step 4
Remove the bulbs from the enclosure. Just remember which ones go where.
Step 5
Slowly use one of the small wooden scrapers to pry off the cover from the enclosure. You should see where it can separate along the lip. If you feel particularly lucky and or ballsy, and are not having any luck using the wooden scraper. You can try using a small flathead screw driver. (CAREFULLY)

Step 6
After you have the cover off, use the rubbing alcohol and one of the wooden scrapers to remove the old adhesive. It might look brown in color. Just let the rubbing alcohol soften it up you might actually be able to pull it off in strips. Whatever does not, start scraping. You have to remove the adhesive from the crevice on the enclosure and from the protruding part of the cover.

Ford Focus Resealing & Waterproofing Clear Tail Lights (2)

Step 7
Clean the inside of the cover and the inside of the enclosure. To removing fingerprints or anything else.


Step 8
Apply the silicone into the crevice. You do not need to rush, silicone does not dry all that fast. But do not take you time either. Try not to over fill the crevice, because when you place the cover back on the silicone will overflow into the enclosure and look funny. It can overflow a little, its clear silicone so its not very visible. (hence why it is called CLEAR)
Step 9
Use the wooden scraper to make sure that the silicone is in there good. If you have small enough fingers, use that. You’re just trying to prevent as much overflow into the enclosure as possible.
Step 10
Slowly and securely place the cover back on.
Step 11
Use whatever you can to hold the cover to the enclosure… I suggest strong rubber bands. They will securely hold the cover on while the silicone dries and it will not scuff, scratch, or scathe the cover.

Ford Focus Resealing & Waterproofing Clear Tail Lights (3)

Step 12
Look around the lip of the enclosure, you might see some run off of silicone. Just use your finger to spread it along the seal. Wherever there is no silicone, apply some. This is to ensure that is will not leak. Just spread it thin, and avoid getting any on the front of the cover. You might have to wait for it to dry to apply silicone where whatever you have holding the cover on is over. (the rubber bands will be blocking part of the seal)

P.S. If you do get any silicone on the front cover….. RELAX…… Just wait for it to dry and use the rubbing alcohol and ‘elbow grease’ it off with a rag.

Ford Focus Resealing & Waterproofing Clear Tail Lights (4)

Step 13
Give it about 45 minutes to dry. While one is drying, start the other.
Step 14
Once they are dried, remove the rubber bands and replace the bulbs.

Step 15
Clean them off and reattach them.

Ford Focus Resealing & Waterproofing Clear Tail Lights (5)

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