Ford/GM/Honda Remote Fob Programming Manually

When you lose your key remote fob or make them disable, how to do? Find locksmiths to make one with key programmer, for it can work on Aftermarket & OEM Remote Key Fob’s; but today, I am willing to share with you key remote fob procedures on Ford, GM and Honda.

FORD key pads

Put in permanent factory code

Press the 1/2 button within 5 seconds to access to programming mode

Enter new code after 5 seconds, doors will lock, unlock to verify code, which erases previous codes remotes, and will also need to be programmed.


FORD key pads/remotes

Insert key, turn ignition off-to- on eight times in succession, ending with key in on position doors will lock, unlock to verify in programming mode

Press any button on new remote, doors will lock, unlock to verify

Do the previous step with the second remote, doors will lock unlock to verify.

Turn ignition switch off. Doors will again lock, unlock to verify.


GM pass lock relearns

Ignition switch to “run” position, try to start and let key return to “run” position

Approx ten minutes security light will go off

Turn off key and wait 5 seconds

Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 relearns.

Turn key off, then start it


HONDA sliding door re-homes

Clear the sliding door trouble codes by removing the # 13 (7.5) fuse from the passenger’s under-dash fuse box for 10 seconds.

Then put the fuse back in.

Turn off the main door switch; make sure that the ignition switch is off.

Manually open the sliding door and make sure it’s fully open.

Turn the ignition switch on, and then turn on the door switch.

Push and hold the CLOSE side of the dashboard door switch for that door until the door is fully closed.

Try the door operation with the dashboard door switch, the remote and the door handles.


According to the above key fob reprogramming procedures, it is not so difficult in it. Of course, you could also find experienced mechanics to serve you; or if you are professionals, you could search more advanced locksmith tools to serve your clients.


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