How to Repair Ford Kuga Battery Capacity Loss

One of my customers drove his Ford Kuga to my garage,and told me that his Ford Kuga battery capacity loss frequently.And this article share the real repair case on how to repair Ford Kuga battery capacity loss.



Vehicle info:

Model:      Ford Kuga 1.6T

Year:        2013

Mileage:     33000 miles


Trouble Test:

1. Turn on the ignition and start the engine smoothly

2. Check maintenance records of the Ford Kuga,and found it have replaced a new battery befor the bettery capacity loss trouble.

3. Perform a preliminary checking of engine room and cab,there was not any other electrical accessories installed.

4. Turn the ignition off,and closed the four doors,disconnect the battery.Then series connect the multimeter(with DC 20A shift) between the vehicle and battery ,pressed the lock button of key ,when the multimeter show the vehicle static state current value was at range of 0.3A~0.8A(normal value is under 0.05A).It mean that the vehicle was not in sleep mode.


According the experience,electric leakage trouble occurs on Ford Kuga combination instrument frequently.So technicians removed the combination instrunent,and then detect the vehicle static state current,it was nearly 0A.It most likely that the electric leakage resulted in battery capacity loss trboule.


In order to locate the trouble position whether the combination instrument trouble result in battery capacity loss.Our technicians exchange the combination between the Ford Kuga and a tested car.Resut showed the vehicle static state current of the Ford Kuga with new instrument on the high side,and the tested car was normal.          So we determined that the combination instrument works correctly,and there was a signal transfered to the combination insturment and result in it can not at sleep mode.


1. Consulted the control circuit diagram of combination instrument,and disconnect the MS-CAN and I-CAN network cable orderly,the vehicle static state current was sill high than normal value.

2. Detect the voltage of “P” shift,it showed 12V,normal.

3. When disconnecting the wire of left button of handwheel,the static state current showed 0A.

4. Check the wire harness of left button of handwheel,all of them work correctly.

5. Check the button panel of handwheel,the “left button” was clamping stagnation.It can not resume when pressing it.


Clamping stagnation of left button made a constant signal transfered to combination instrument result in whole network can not enter sleep mode,and it result in battery capacity loss.


Solution:Replace the left button of steering wheel switch assembly,and the test the static current was normal,troubleshooting.


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