Ford Focus MK3 2012 Oil Filter Change Guide

Just did my first oil change on the 2012 Focus. Thought I’d help those who haven’t done it yet. 

What you’ll need:

15mm wrench, T30 torx,

1.25 gallons of 5W-20 Oil 

Oil Filter ( FL-910S )

Raise the car. I used a floor jack at the front driver jack point (see manual), then braced with a jack stand to prevent getting killed. I think ramps would be easier.

Remove the felt panel by removing the 8 torx bolts. If you remove the bolt shown at the red arrow last (front center of car), the panel will stay up nicely. Supported by the notches shown with the yellow arrows.
Don’t bother considering cutting a hole in the felt panel to get access to the oil filter. You’ll need to remove the panel to get to the drain plug anyway. It comes off easy enough.

Change the oil filter and drain the oil. I didn’t need an oil filter wrench because the oil filter is VERY accessible and could grab it with two hands. When replacing the filter, wet the rubber gasket on the new filter with oil, wipe away any dirt on the gasket surface of the engine and screw the new filter in until it touches the gasket surface. THEN screw by hand 3/4 of a turn more. Don’t forget to put the drain plug back in (20 ft/lbs per Ford shop manual – Oil pan drain plug/Part# 6730/ Torque 27 Nm (20 lb-ft)).

Put 4 quarts of oil in, start the engine and check for leaks. Do this before lowering the car. 4 quarts will fill it enough to measure halfway between the two holes on the dipstick. If you want to avoid some of the start-up clatter, crank the engine for a few seconds with the accelerator floored. Gas is shut off when you do this but the oil pump should fill the filter. After making sure you have no leaks, replace the felt panel, lower the car and top off the oil. Mine took exactly 4.5 quarts to reach the top of the hash marks on the dipstick.

Resetting the oil life monitoring system
1. Turn the ignition key to the on position. Do not start the engine.
For vehicles with push-button start, press and hold the START/STOP
button for two seconds without pressing the brake pedal. Do not attempt
to start the engine.
2. Press both the accelerator and brake pedals at the same time.
3. Keep both pedals fully pressed.
4. After three seconds, the Service: Oil reset in prog. message will be
5. After 25 seconds, the Service: Oil reset complete message will be
6. Release both the accelerator and brake pedals.
7. The Service: Oil reset complete message will no longer be
8. Rotate the key to the off position.
For vehicles with push-button start, press the START/STOP button to
turn the vehicle off completely.

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Author: wwwforddiycom