Ford Focus Stock Alarm Adjustment Guide

This article show a guide on how to adjust Ford Focus stock alarm by yourself,hope it helps!


What You Need?

1. 8mm socket
2. Philips screwdriver
3. Wire cutters
4. Zip ties

Ford Focus Stock Alarm Adjustment Procedures:

Step 1
Remove all 4 bolts (1 per corner) holding the panel underneath the steering wheel. The bolts heads are 8mm.


Step 2
Look for the control module. It’s a little black box with 3 wiring harnesses attached to it and often attached to other wiring with zip ties. Cut the zip ties, but do yourself a favor and don’t cut the one that’s holding the extra wire in a bundle. Just makes a big mess.


Step 3
Unplug the wiring harnesses and remove the unit.


Step 4
Turn the Parklamps/Headlamps on then off.


Step 5
Pull the chipboard out of the unit, but do NOT touch any components on the board! Components like these can be sensitive, so unless you’re grounded the static charge from your fingers could do some damage.


Step 6
Look for a small set of 4 switches located at the bottom of the board. unless your install guy played with it, they should all be switched to the same position. To turn off the chirps, flip switch 1 to the opposite direction. If you like, flipping 2 and 3 to the opposite direction will disarm the timer that sets the alarm after you unlock the car.


Step 7
Put the module back together.


Step 8
Re-install the wiring harnesses. I first connected the one with 2 wires coming out of it, then the big one in the middle, and finally the one with the 4 wires. This, however caused my alarm to go off, so I pulled all the harnesses back off and did it this way:
1) The 2 wire
2) The 4 wire
3) The big one


Step 9
Everything else is just the opposite of removal. Just zip tie the unit back in to the car, put the panel back on, and you’re done.

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Author: wwwforddiycom