How to Remove Your Ford Focus Starter

How to Remove Your Ford Focus Starter1

Sorry for the less pictures of this procedure,and here is the text description of how to remove Ford Focus starter.

How to Remove Your Ford Focus Starter1

Disconnect both of the battery cables.
Disconnect the MAF sensor connector
Take off the air cleaner and hose to the throttle, then take off the air cleaner box. Just gently pull it up, it’s got tabs in 3 holes.

undo the hose from the valve cover to fully remove the air cleaner box.

Chock the rear wheels, jack up the car and secure with jack stands.
From below, disconnect the three electrical nuts from the starter. Here is a view of the three bolts. There are 2 13mm nuts and one 12mm bolt, and pull off the connector.

The starter is tough to get to, it is right under the IAC, which is right under the intake manifold. This is a view from below.

Remove the three mounting bolts. When replacing, note that the frontmost bolt (the one that’s almost impossible to get to) has a ground connector attached to it.

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