How to Remove Nite Shades for Ford Focus

So, I ended up Nite Shading my tails and they turned out a bit too dark for my liking. I had applied a few layers of clear over them as well, so I am dealing with multiple layers here. After going over, under, and around the intarwebs, I had decided the first route to take was to buy some plastic safe graffiti remover.

I bought Goof Off (not Goo Gone) and Motsenbocker’s Lift Off – They definitely make the clear turn gooey, but it still seemed like too much of a chore. Mind you, I was impatient – so I only spent about 5 minutes with the sprays, lol. But I decided it would be more hassle than I cared for and I REFUSED TO SAND!!

So then …. I grabbed a new rag and a good ol’ fashioned can of lawn mower gas. I laid the tail light down and poured the gas over an area and then on the rag and just laid into it a bit … rubbing with a bit of pressure, nothing ridiculous, and it just came right off. I had the tail light back to it’s original state, clear lense, not melted – in a matter of minutes. I’ll be damned.

So there you have it. Screw buying anything.

DO NOT USE: Goof Off, Laquer thinner, graffiti remover, oven cleaner, alcohol (accept maybe at the end to do a final clean and remove residue), sand paper << that’s just dumb.

DO USE: Gas and a rag.

Stay tuned for pics and/or video. Still have another light to strip.

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Author: wwwforddiycom