How to Use FORScan to Solve FORScan Solve Ford F150 2017 P160A

Some readers sent emails to said that their Ford F150 got wrench and P160A diagnostic trouble code when they changing tire size on ’17 or ’18.So there i want to share the guide on how to use FORScan to solve this problem.



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How to Install & Configure FORScan for OHP ELMconfig

How to Use FORScan to Backup Module Data File

OBDLink MX Bluetooth or OHP Ford ELMconfig USB



To fix this, after you do the tire size change in BCM go into the programming screen in FORScan and run the top procedure called “PCM Module Initialization/relearn vehicle data.” If you also see an option in the programming screen called something like “TCM relearn” (2018s) run that afterwards.

If you don’t see the “PCM Module Initialization/relearn vehicle data” option in the programming screen then you’re using an older version of FORScan and you need to install the newest one.

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