Ford Flashing Code Read Out by Launch X431

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Flashing code on some Ford models before MY1996 also can be read out by X-431 after you download USAFord V35.30 or higher. The proper operating procedure is as following:

1.Please update USAFord V35.30 or higher from;

2.Select [Ford 6+1 connector];

3.Open hood to find DLC, as figure:

How to Read Out Ford Flashing Code by Launch X431

then connect X-431 to the DLC correctly;

4.Please confirm ignition switch is OFF position, then start X-431,and select MY/system to enter;

5.Please turn ignition Key to ON position when X-431 prompt to switch on, then click READ DTC function menu, the flashing code will be read out;

6.If you want to read DTC again, You should switch off ignition first, then click [Home] button on X-431 to back, and repeat above step 4,step 5.


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