How to Remove Ford F150 Exhaust Y-pipe

Here I will share the guide on how to remove Ford F150 exhaust Y-pipe by yourself.Any detail problems to check the Ford F150 exhaust Y-pipe removal video guide at end of article.



Step1:Disconnect the battery.

Start with a negative side first by 8 millimeters wrench.If you have an aftermarket thing it may be different,but for the most part 8 millimeters the stock size and the reason we’re undoing the battery is because a starter which is very high voltage and even with the car turned off,it can zap you so you don’t want the battery connected at all,during this procedure.

Step2:Lift the car few inches up by air jack.The air jack stands,don’t go up too much higher.

Step 3:Remove the exhaust Y-pipe

Remove the exhaust,it’s gonna be these 15 millimeters bolts one on each side of the flange.

There you need to disconnect the O2 sensors.Push down the right tap to pull the O2 sensors.


Separate it away

There are two upstream ones,and another on is in the rear.

Disconnect each of these harness and then we’re going to remove the 15 millimeters bolts.

Taking 15 millimeter deep socket


After remove all bolts,we need to follow the exhaust forward from the muffler and they’ll be a little flange here with two 15 millimeters nuts that you can take off.You can just simply take these bolt off.


Now few taps with a hammer and you can expose this joint where the exhaust comes apart now so you can see that’s where the one piece meets the other.


Drop the exhaust down since it’s loose.And pull exhaust away from this mounting bracket you can put some lubrication in here if you want to help slide this over.Then you will be able to pull the whole exhaust off


Ford F150 exhaust Y-pipe removal video guide:

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