How to Use Launch X431 to Program Key for Ford Focus 2011

This article show a step-by-step guide on how to use Launch X431 program new key for Ford Focus 2011.


Procedures of Launch X431 Key Programming for Ford Focus:

Connect Launch X431 device to Ford Focus,then enter the main menu to select “Ford V46.24”

This program can test different Ford models.It currently includes PCM,ABS,4WAL,RCM,EATC,ECS,IABM,RAP,PAM,4X4,4WAS,CTM,OTC,ICM,PATS,ARC,LCM,DDM…

Select “Automatically Search”

Then it will show you the vehicle information,include:VIN,Capacity,Engine Type,Fuel Type…

Pay attention to the prompt,select “OK”

If your car was made before 2008,click “Yes” otherwise click “NO”

Here click “No”

Select “System Selection”

Select “IC(instrument cluster)”

Pay attention to the prompt,select “OK”

Then select “Special Function”

Select “Passive Anti Theft System Functiono”

The Number Of keys known by the modules is 2,select “OK”

Select “Ignition Key Erase”

Then the program needs to obtain the corresponding permission from the ECM,which takees about 10 minutes,select “OK” to continues.

After the progress completing,you need to select “Yes”

The program reads the number of current keys again.If the number of keys is not 0 after key clearing,clear keys again.

The number of keys known by the module is 0

Select “Ignition Key Programming”

The vehicle ECU keeps the corresponding permission only for 10-15 seconds,select “OK” to continue

Select “OK” if the safety permission is lost waiting for 10 minutes to obtain the permission again


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