Ford Focus Airbag Delete Installation Guide

Ford Focus Airbag Delete Installation Guide (6)

I believe this method is the easiest way to install airbag delete. After fooling around with this for over 2 hours trying to do it the “right way”, I finally figured out how to get the job done fairly quickly.


What Tools Needed:
Flat Head Screwdriver
10mm Wrench (preferably a ratcheting wrench)
7mm Socket Wrench with extension
Needle Nose Pliers
12 Pack of Heineken
(I was drinking while doing this install, so if my socket sizes are a little off, forgive me. )

Step 1
DISCONNECT THE BATTERY! I don’t know about you, but I enjoy having teeth, so this is a very important step. Just disconnect the negative cable.

Step 2
Unclip the front (the side facing you) of the original air bag cover from the dashboard. This is a little tricky, but a flat head screw driver works very well. Don’t worry about bending the air bag cover, it is made of vinyl laid over sheet metal and bends back to shape very easily. (Mine was completely bent out of shape, and now it looks new again.) What you do is slide the screwdriver between the dash and the cover, starting on the right side corner, until you find the fixed plastic clips. Then simply pry the cover up until the clip pops out. (If you have to pry very hard, you may want to use a piece of scrap wood to protect the dash.) There are 7 clips you have to pop out, five on the front, and two on the left hand side of the cover. Once you do this, the front of the cover should be free of the dash, though the back (windshield side) is still attached.

This shows you where the clips are

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Step 3
Bend the Air Bag Cover back so you can see the 3 bolts that attach the cover to the air bag assembly. These bolts point down from the cover and are held in place by 3 nuts, 10mm I believe. You may have to push the rolled up air bag down to see all of the bolts.

This is where the bolts are

Ford Focus Airbag Delete Installation Guide (2)

This shows how it will look once you move the rolled up bag down a little bit

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Step 4

Use a 10mm wrench to remove the nuts from the bolts holding the cover in place. (I would recommend using a ratchetting wrench to save time.) This is the hardest part of the whole project, but I promise it is possible. The way I did it was simply push the rolled up air bag down until I could slip the wrench around the nut to loosen it. After the nut is loosened a little, it spins freely, so just use the end of the wrench to spin it off the bolt. Once you remove all three nuts, the cover should lift off.

Bolt locataion for step 4 and 5, notice holes on both sides for step 5

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Step 5
Once you remove the cover, you will see four bolts holding the air bag in place. Remove these bolts with a 7mm (I think) socket. *Don’t remove the smaller bolts in the middle, only the bolts on the four corners of the air bag.

Step 6
After removing the four bolts, you can lift the air bag assembly up to remove the wires on each side. The wires simply unplug, but you may need to use needle nose pliers. Once it is unplugged, you can take the air bag out easily.

Step 7
Snap in your shiny new air bag delete and enjoy.

Ford Focus Airbag Delete Installation Guide (5) Ford Focus Airbag Delete Installation Guide (6)


This installation may not be the most fun, but I promise it is better than the alternative method which involves taking out your glove box, removing 2 AC vent tubes, being upside down in you passenger seat, and then finding out that you can’t reach the damn bolts anyway. But if you enjoy cussing a lot, have fun trying it the “right way”.

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