Ford Focus Dashboard Interior Paint DIY Work

Ford Focus Dashboard Interior Paint DIY Work (8)

This article I want to share the guide on how to paint Ford Focus dashboard interior.This project take me about 1-2 days,and be careful when you are disassembling.


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What You Need?

1.Approx. 2 Cans of Krylon or Duplicolor paint of your color of choice.
2.One Can of Duplicolor or Krylon Clear coat
3.600 Grit Sand Paper
4.Masking Tape
5.Denatured Alcohol or Acetone



Step 1
To remove the 4 vent pieces push up from the bottom and they should clip right out. Then there is the ring that is attached by little clips from behind that should be taken great care not to break the ring. The dial for airflow can be removed by popping it out of the grooves. Remember how the levers go in and which vent they belong to. They are all different lengths other wise reattaching the pieces will be a pain.

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Step 2
To remove the two corner vents you’ll have to use a screw driver to pry them out. They have little notches that hook them into the inside holes.

Ford Focus Dashboard Interior Paint DIY Work (2)


Step 3
To remove the ashtray just pull it out then remove the cover from the rest of the ashtray.


Step 4
The glove box unscrews from the rest of the dash by 3 screws right at the joint and when it’s open you’ll have to squeeze the sides a little to clear the bump stops.

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Step 5
The panel under the steering wheel unscrews by 4 screws and has a rubber piece that should be taped off. Otherwise you’ll be able to see the over spray (believe me I know from experience). The hook release will be attached which can be loosened by a wrench from the back and slid off.


Step 6
The part around the gauges can also be removed by unscrewing the three screws and unclipping it from the rest of the dash.


Step 7
After you have painted and clear coated the pieces, when reinstalling and reattaching the pieces be extra careful not to scratch the airflow dials.




Step 8
Once you have all of the pieces out that you want to paint, you need to start sanding. Take each piece and make sure to sand ALL of the area that you want to paint extremely well. You will know its sanded well if you cant see the gloss of the old paint/plastic on top. Once everything is sanded take your denatured alcohol and wipe everything down to clean off any shavings or whatever the sanding may have left behind. Now, check all of your pieces again, if you see glossy or shiny areas, resand and reclean with the alcohol.

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If you want to keep anything its current color, simply take the masking tape and mark off anything you don’t want the paint to get on. Make sure you have the tape on smooth around the edges, so the paint doesn’t leak under it.

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Step 9

Now that everything is prepped, its time to start painting. Take one part at a time, and smoothly apply the paint over the surface. Hold the can approx. 6-10 inches from the surface and make steady, even passes until the whole surface is covered with the first coat. **If the paint isn’t bonding to the plastic, wait for the coat to dry and resand the area that isn’t bonding. Its also to go over the area with steel wool to get it nice and rough so that the paint will stick**. Let the paint dry for about 15 minutes and it will be ready for the next coat. After about 4 coats of paint, let it dry for at least an hour before applying the clear coat to avoid running.
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The clear coat process is pretty much the same as the paint process, except it only takes about 5-7 minutes for the clear coat to be dry enough for the next coat. I would HIGHLY recommend letting the clear coat dry overnight. It becomes extremely tacky after about 10 minutes, and may seem dry, but the slightest amount of pressure can really make it look messy.

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Step 10

Everything snaps into your focus just like it came out. Be careful to not scratch any of your paint as you’re putting it back into the car. If you notice little nicks that you don’t want to leave just spray some of the paint into its lid, take a brush, and lightly paint over the mark.

Ford Focus Dashboard Interior Paint DIY Work (8)

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